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The Ultimate Tool To Increase Power!


After years of research, testing and coaches feedback, we have developed the perfect product to increase power. The secret is our proprietary foam system that completely fills the ball up. We have improved the


COR: Coefficient of Restitution in a way that allows hitters to get a great workout in without any risk or wrist or forearm injury. Due to our proprietary foam system, we have improved our coefficient of restitution to less than .4. This means that the batter must work through the ball with their lower body, core, and forearm/wrists in order for the Power Ball to go any distance. Repeated practice with this Power Ball is guaranteed to increase power.


Another benefit of our proprietary foam system is the very minimal stress upon impact. Unlike other training balls, our Power Ball is not hard at impact. The Power Ball, upon impact, wraps around the barrel and forces the batter to push through the ball, thus gaining strength in the lower body, core, and forearm/wrists.

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5", 6", 7"


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