Varsity 5 x 7 Z-Screen

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Dress your field or your cages with our latest screen, the Z-Screen. The Muhl Tech Varsity 5 x 7 Z-Screen is more durable than your standard L-screen. Our standard 1.5″ powder coated steel compression bolt together frame gives the Varsity 5 x 7 Z-Screen both stability and strength to stand up to the punishment of batting practice. The UV weather treated #60 knotted net slips over the frame pillow-case style to offer double protection. This screen can be used for both overhand BP and underhand/front toss as well as for both baseball and softball. It also takes up less space in a cage or on the field. Lastly, this L-Screen has a gusset welded onto each leg to ensure durability and longevity.??


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