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Patented Design! The newest, most effective way to increase strength and exit velocity. This product is designated for all wood bats and all professional players. Open the grip from the slit, slide the grip onto the handle of the bat and swing the bat! It’s that simple! This product will work wonders with your strength in your fingers, wrists and forearms. The reason this product is so effective is that concentrates on the muscles in your fingers, wrists and forearms that haven’t been used before. All handles for baseball bats are very similar in size so the muscles in your fingers, wrists, and forearms become accustomed to that particular handle size. This product strengthens those muscles that are accustomed to those handles and after months of swinging with the grip, the player is that much stronger and the swing is that much faster.

The second benefit, among many, is that the is the most natural motion for a baseball player. Rice buckets and wrists curls are great but this product is considerably better. The player will get the same, if not better, results by doing the most natural thing for a baseball and softball player: swinging the bat.

As mentioned, there are a multitude of benefits with using this product, the more the player uses it, the more benefits he will find.

The grip is meant to be put on a wood bat with little to no tape around the handle.

Thickly taped handles will not work well with the AceGripz.?

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