SwingAway 2.0 Hitting Mat


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Check out the SwingAway 2.0 Hitting Mat that will enhance your hitting workout with the SwingAway 2.0! This mat imitates the inner porting of the Batter’s Box and has an official sized home plate. This mat allows the hitter to “visualize” where to connect and drive the pitched ball. The mat is marked for both Right and Left handed Hitters and includes numbered baseballs showing the “Proper Contact Points? plus directional arrows to show where to drive the pitches that are inside, outside, or down the middle. This mat will train players of all ages and skill levels to hit the ball where it is pitched, pulling the inside pitch, going opposite field with an outside pitch, and driving the middle pitch right back where it came from. This mat is also great by itself; for tee work, soft toss, and batting practice.??

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