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A Perfect Toss – EVERY TIME!

Soft toss has never been easier. The perfect choice for baseball or softball, simply press the release lever with your bat and the ball will roll down and drop onto the adjustable rebounder, and bounce right into the hitting zone for perfect soft toss everytime! What sets the Tru-Toss apart from other toss units, electric or non-electric, is the adjustable rebounder. The steel frame and tennis racket like strings can be easily adjusted to rebound the ball at most any angle. This allows you to pitch the ball akle high, chest high or anywhere in between. Another advantage to this system is that you can change the distance and the speed with which the ball travels by simply raising or lowering the release unit at the tripod. One simple adjustment allows the Tru-Toss to work with baseballs or softballs. Holds 15 baseballs or 12 softballs.

Non-electric. No partner needed and can be set up anywhere in seconds. Great for school and team hitting stations. Tosses when YOU are ready. Vary speeds and angles of pitch. Holds 15 baseballs or 12 softballs.
Improve your timing and contact with Muhl Tech’s Tru-Toss soft toss machine. A perfectly tossed pitch every time allows hitters to get the repetition and rhythm necessary to become a great hitter, and they can do this without the need of a partner. It’s easy to set up, and easy to use. Simply set the rebounder to pitch the ball in the location you desire and hit away.
Activities that are fun are usually the thing that keeps the interest of kids of all ages. Soft toss is a very active drill, and most times thought to be more fun that hitting off of a tee, so it makes perfect sense to provide a drill and the tool that will keep them interested while improving their skills at the same time. The versatility of the Tru-Toss offers the ability to train different pitch locations and different drills. Adjust the angle of the rebounder and the hitter can work on pitches from low in the zone, to high in the zone, inside or outside.

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